VennThe success of any new product depends not only on how good the technology is, but crucially on how well it responds to human and commercial needs.

I have over 30 years’ experience of technology, business and the humans who link them – creating, developing, selling, and delivering new concepts, products and services from the lab to the market. I’ve had technical, design, marketing and entrepreneurial roles, including Project and Programme Manager, CTO, Director of Product Strategy, General Manager and Chairman.

I’m also a student – fascinated by human behaviour and business models as well as new technology. 15 years of consulting has let me see and experience these things close-up in many different settings, and it’s that experience that’s the basis of the help I offer my clients today.

Finally, I’m part of – and can bring expertise from – a network of other consultants and organisations in areas including visual, graphic, electronic and mechanical design, social and cognitive psychology, human understanding, investment, open innovation and training.

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